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I think the best part of my passion of filmmaking is being able to point the camera at my friends and their own pursuits and adventures. Ryan Lovelace has been one of my closest friends since we met a decade ago and is constantly inspiring me with his craftsmanship and creativity. Stir in the slightly grumpy yet ever-stylish Trevor Gordon into the mix and you have my latest video, “Dusts of Gold”, a short film about a weird idea Ryan brought to fruition...


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I’ve just launched a new film, Fissures. It’s a compendium of various moments, visions, places, like a dreamscape… but also, simply, a longform visual odyssey.

Shot in Tahiti, Maldives, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, Mexico, France, USA, Italy, China, Chile and Greenland...


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My latest video: visiting South Africa with Stephanie Gilmore… A truly spectacular land filled with world-class waves, watching Steph win the contest and free-surf Jeffrey's Bay was truly a sight to behold. Please check it out!


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In 2017, we embarked on a 50-day, around the world journey documenting plastic pollution in the ocean, those who are affected by it, and those who seek to fix it. Corona has teamed up with Parley.TV and a range of characters to help do there part and tackle one of the most dire issues our environment has ever faced.

starring: Chris Hemsworth, Diego Luna, Ramon Navarro, Nashla Bogaert, and more.

Director - Morgan Maassen
DoP - Will Adler, Morgan Maassen, Blake Myers & Andrew Schoener
Editor - Joe Walton
Producer - Lindsay McGill
Agency - Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Creative Director - Alvaro Sotomayor
Production Company - Minnow 11
Client - Corona x Parley


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I've always made these yearly iPhone videos that were inane compilations of all the things I'd see as I went about my life... so I thought I would make something a bit more meditated, something that could both respect and relax the speed of which I fly by the seat of my pants.

locations: USA, Panama, Indonesia, Maldives, Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Marshall Islands, Bahamas, Alaska, Sri Lanka, Chile, France, Australia, British Virgin Islands, Hawaii, China, Mexico, Costa Rica, Barbados, England, Amsterdam, Nicaragua, Singapore, Morocco, South Africa, New Zealand, West Sahara, ikea, Greenland, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Tahiti, and more.

Shot on an iPhone (no waterhousing/cases)
music by: Akira Rabelais


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An unintentional surf film... sort of.

I created this film to explore long-form editing, give a home to so many projects/trips/travel that needed some context, and as a tip of the hat to my passion, surfing. 

Direct/film/edit: Morgan Maassen

starring: Marlon Gerber, Lee Wilson, Noa Deane, Sterling Spencer, Dillon Perillo, Rob Machado, Laura Enever, Alessa Quizon, Bella Nicols, Nat Young, Andrew Doheny, Dane Reynolds, and Stephanie Gilmore.

Additional footage (Stephanie in Mexico) by Andrew Schoener


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I've just launched my newest video, Vacation Island. A visual summary of one of my favorite pastimes: a quick getaway to Hawaii's North Shore with Stephanie Gilmore...


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Last summer, I joined the Billabong girls in the Maldives to search for perfect beaches and epic waves. Slas, we were met with nothing but the Indian Ocean's strongest wind and rain. After several days of utter hopelessness, I took the girls out into the middle of the ocean, and made the most of the light - and lack there of - to make this short piece.


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I'm very pleased to launch my newest short film, "Growing". 

i've been "making films" for more than a decade now, predominantly focusing on my passion for surfing. as my comfort circle expands and i transition away from filming on the beach and into covering subjects i've long aspired to document, i wanted to make this tribute to the progression of surfing i've witnessed, documented, and so fondly admire.

i started out at the age of 13 in 2003 with my family's old Canon ZR80 camcorder from Costco, a ghetto Sony PC and a painfully buggy version of Windows Movie Maker. After hustling the neighborhood with dog-walking, computer-fixing, gardening and various odd-jobs, i worked my way up to a Canon GL2 an a bazooka-sized Ocean Images waterhousing. throughout my teenage years, i ditched school and work to sneak off and film my friends surfing, making short films i released on Myspace, Youtube, and sold on homemade DVD's in Santa Barbara's surf shops.

after i left high-school and held a steady job, i worked my way through a costly Super-8 phase, and my first high definition camera, the stunning Canon XH-A1. i continued making films for the web, but almost grew away from my passion as i fell into a sudden and unexpected photography career.

after a year hiatus from filmmaking to explore my newfound interest and career in photography, the Canon 7D was announced. i immediately purchased one, and started making films of a technical and artistic quality i had been longing for endlessly. Come 2011, my photography career took off and my schedule exploded, and the 7D was back on the shelf. but in early 2012, Nikon announced the D4 with video, which gave me video capability in the still cameras i was using on all my shoots. again i was hooked, so hooked in fact i treated myself to a Red Epic..! my logic for this investment was that if nothing else, my technological curiosity wanted to take it apart and reassemble it to better understand the circuitry and complexity of its small package and beautiful form factor.

fortunately, 2013 saw Quiksilver supporting me in investing a lot of time and energy into making films with Stephanie Gilmore and Kelly Slater, and pursuing passions commercially for other surf industry clients and artistically for myself. a Red Epic, Red Dragon, and now Red Weapon later, i spend at least 50% of my time and energy making movies, mostly outside of the surfing realm now, but i will forever love and cherish my time filming surfing, and pointing my camera at my first and favorite passion... and continue to do so, in new and exciting ways :)